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I tried the Android version on the Anbernic RG353P and I had two issues.

Firstly, the game’s UI is completely broken on a 4:3 aspect ratio. I tried fiddling a little with the video settings with no improvement.

And lastly, this device has an integrated gamepad but Cytopia doesn’t seem to support controllers on Android at all.

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I can't play on Android:

Error: dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "inflateValidate" referenced by"/data/app/com.cytopia.cytopia-RiEgLpXX...

I downloaded the latest version.

I'll let the developers know about it

Thank you!

What version of Android are you using?

I can't find but I think it's the most recent.

Is project still in development or it is abandoned by its dev? Just asking, 'cause last Dev Blog was created 10 months ago and Discord server link doesn't work.


Lol sorry about that. I always forget to post the dev blogs here. It's the only place where they aren't posted automatically. I'll upload them soon. 

Yes, the game I still under development. The devs are currently working on revamping the GUI system. They have to redo all the custom HUI stuff someone else made and replace it with a library/framework or something.

I also apologize for replying so late. I never got a notification for your comment.

Anyway, here's a link to the discord. Someone must have deleted all the previous invites...

the game is good but on my android phone the screen is cropped, please fix it asap & make the control easy

is v 0.4 is bug look

What's the issue?

is v0.4 bug


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The game doesn't work.

Aug 20 21:28:22 - [ERROR] - Exception thrown from SDL_Surface* ResourcesManager::createSurfaceFromFile(const string&) at src/engine/ResourcesManager.cxx:102 - File /home/luarocks/downloads/cytopia-linux-ci/resources/images/buildings/commercial/com_3x3_BureauDepoStefeCamp_RF.png doesn't exist

There is only `com_3x3_bureaudepostefecamp_RF.png`.


Great game indeed!

was the android port really made, using sdl and c++ ? 

yes, but the build that's currently being uploaded to itch is unfortunately broken.

  1. Un error en mi dispositivo móvil al instalarlo y abrirlo se queda frisado y te saca no puedo jugar

We're sorry about the error! The Android version of the game isn't currently functional.


looks like small version of theotown

how can i un puse

Sorry, but how can I make it full screen?


press ESCAPE, go to settings and there should be a menu to go fullscreen :)

Thank you so much!!

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 My video about Cytopia, building a nice tropical island city

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This game seems to crash frequently upon placing water, electrical utilities, or zoning blocks.

This appears to occur with any object. It occured after almost every game.


I figured it out. Placing roads, demolishing them and them placing something over caused the crash. It's fixed now

Thank you! I've fixed the 1920x1080 crash and the update should be live now. But i cannot get the game to crash by placing objects. can you please provide a more detailled description, so i can reproduce and fix this? 



Deleted 2 years ago

Menu tiles do go out of the screen on debug->commercial.

We're working hard on a complete new UI that will resolve this and many other issues. Stay tuned :)

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Works now. No crashes except for when pressing load game with no loadable game.

This will be fixed together with new UI. We'll add a savegame dialog that let you name your save files and choose from different ones.

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Placing ground decoration, under debug->decoration->ground decoration has been fixed again.

roads on slopes do not work.

Roads on slopes should work without problems. The european roads (the grey ones on the right) had no slope sprites since they were not ready, but this was fixed by the artist too.

Fixed in last update.

Two of the european roads (I recommend numbering them to prevent confusion) have noticible gaps in corners now

Their image is not centered

Do you want me to move this to Github?

Game is awesome :)

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Another Gameplay Video by Kingtut 101

A Cytopia "SpeedArt" video by our lead graphics artist, Kingtut 101:

it wont let me download

Are you on Windows? If so, which version and which architecture? (32 / 64bit?)

A gameplay timelapse video by Kingtut 101.


Just showing off what can be done so far


Wow what an amazing game! 5 out of 5 stars!


This is a really good game :)


yusuf8a684 was here B)