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Website/Forums - Cytopia.net - https://www.cytopia.net/
YouTube - Cytopia - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJIzKBD3wl6KRohiX6i53GA
Twitter - @CytopiaGame - https://twitter.com/CytopiaGame
Reddit - r/Cytopia - https://www.reddit.com/r/Cytopia/
Discord - Cytopia - https://discord.gg/ua3qFqF
Patreon - Cytopia by Jimmy Snails - https://www.patreon.com/cytopia
itch io - Cytopia - https://cytopia.itch.io/cytopia
GitHub - Cytopia by CytopiaTeam - https://github.com/CytopiaTeam/Cytopia
Online Emscripten Port - Cytopia - https://game.cytopia.net/

Cytopia is a free, open source retro pixel-art city building game with a big focus on mods. It utilizes a custom isometric rendering engine based on SDL2.

Current Key Features:

  • Custom UI System, based on JSON. Highly moddable
  • SDL2 based rendering engine written in C++
  • Camera panning, zooming, relocating
  • Terrain manipulation
  • Procedural Terrain Generation
  • Pixel-art graphics made by graphics team lead by Kingtut 101
  • An original soundtrack, ambient noises, and sound effects made mostly by MB22
  • A Qt based tile editor for editing TileData JSON files

Planned features:

  • Biomes
  • OpenGL Renderer
  • Gameplay mechanics
  • In-Game Mod downloading mechanism
  • Android / iOS
  • Scripting language for mods (like LUA)

For code documentation see the projects Doxygen Documentation.

If you have questions or if you want to join the project, visit the Projects Discord Server If discord is not for you, visit our IRC channel on freenode at #Cytopia

In case you want to support our project on patreon, visit our Patreon Page

Try out Cytopia in your Browser (Chrome based Browsers on PC supported) without installing it, take a look at our emscripten port

Project Leads / Lead Developers

JimmySnails (Engine, UI, ...)
Ercadio (Engine, Unittests)
Cad'ika Orade (Procedural Terrain Generation) 


adct23 (Engine, Audiosystem)
AnotherFoxGuy (BuildSystem, WebSite, Community Manager)
Kollix (TileData Editor)
lizzyd710 (UI, Translator)
Notakas (Engine, Gameplay)
Paragoumba (Engine, Gameplay, Translator)
utilForever (Code Reviews, Consulting)
Westrox (Engine, Gameplay)
Yukyduky (Engine, Gameplay)

Graphics Artists

Kingtut 101 (Lead Artist, Community Manager)
Pineapples Trix
RockFort (Translator)
MaroonShaded (Translator)
Panzerkampfwagen 2 ausf (Junior Graphics Artist)

Sound Design

MB22 (OST, Sound Effects, Ambient Noise)
sqwdmusic (OST)


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Linux Devel 32 MB
Version 0.2-CIBuild-2647.2
MacOS Devel 35 MB
Version 0.2-CIBuild-2647.3
Windows Devel 34 MB
Version 0.2-CIBuild-461

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Another Gameplay Video by Kingtut 101

A Cytopia "SpeedArt" video by our lead graphics artist, Kingtut 101:

it wont let me download

Are you on Windows? If so, which version and which architecture? (32 / 64bit?)

A gameplay timelapse video by Kingtut 101.


Just showing off what can be done so far


Wow what an amazing game! 5 out of 5 stars!


This is a really good game :)


yusuf8a684 was here B)