Dev Blog #22

We've added tons of new content this month! Not only is there a new song, but there are hundreds of new items available in-game (with hundreds more to come)! To keep things brief, I'll only cover the most interesting changes we've made. I hope you enjoy all this new content!

New Decorations:

  • Bones
  • Toxic waste
  • Destroyed/abandoned stuff
  • Deep snow
  • Crystal jungle items
  • Winter Holiday items
  • Lamps
  • Tents
  • Radio tower
  • Wooden ship
  • Villager items
  • Plaza/granite ground decos


  • Diamond/gold ores (better shading, new variants)

New Roads:

  • Bordered road
  • Bordered path
  • Concrete path
  • Tramway rails


  • Yusuf's European roads
  • Alley road

Other New Items:

  • Mosque
  • Chateau
  • Fire departments
  • Police stations
  • Parks/sports facilities
  • Solar panels
  • Over one hundred residential, commercial, industrial, and farm buildings


  • Several old RCI buildings made by me (new variants)
  • Light pine trees (removed stray pixels)

New Song:
Added Reflections by MB22.


Linux Devel 60 MB
Version CIBuild-470-commit-a03c382fb9b3fbb6b0a1e6e35722655d594e7b9f Apr 26, 2021
MacOS Devel 59 MB
Version CIBuild-470-commit-a03c382fb9b3fbb6b0a1e6e35722655d594e7b9f Apr 26, 2021
Windows Devel 57 MB
Version CIBuild-470-Commit-a03c382fb9b3fbb6b0a1e6e35722655d594e7b9f Apr 26, 2021

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