Dev Blog #23

Tons of New Content:

Since summer began, I've been working on importing all of RockFort's assets into Cytopia. This was one of the biggest projects I've ever done for Cytopia, and I hope you enjoy all of the new buildings! However, the UI may make it difficult to access many of the buildings, so I apologize for that. Here's a quick list of the most interesting additions:

  • Small garden park
  • Clusters
  • Piles of sand / gravel
  • Haystacks
  • Tents
  • Wavy ground decos
  • Roundabout decos
  • Industrial decos
  • French Police Station
  • High school and library
  • Hundreds of new RCI buildings

Even More Content:
In addition to RockFort's art, I've also added a few items made by other artists as well! Here's a quick list:

  • Billboards
  • Murky water
  • Willow, cotton top, and chopped trees
  • Big water tower

New Music Track:
"Tranquil Abduction" has been added to Cytopia's OST! It was named after the alien-like sounds near the beginning of the song. The song went forgotten for months until I found a link to it in a group chat. You can listen to the track here. I hope you enjoy it!

Changes / Fixes:
A few textures have been fixed. Hopefully, this will make your cities look slightly better!

  • Tour Vauban
  • Mailing office
  • Tourriva
  • Japanese hotel
  • Holiday trees
  • Run down skinny shop
  • Dense pine trees


Linux Devel 60 MB
Version CIBuild-648-commit-7d30fcd6a934bc4f2494d0ae77581368c06e09b4 Jun 27, 2021
MacOS Devel 59 MB
Version CIBuild-648-commit-7d30fcd6a934bc4f2494d0ae77581368c06e09b4 Jun 27, 2021
Windows Devel 57 MB
Version CIBuild-648-Commit-7d30fcd6a934bc4f2494d0ae77581368c06e09b4 Jun 27, 2021

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