Dev Blog #25

Finally, Zones:

At last, zones now spawn buildings, allowing you to generate random neighborhoods with ease. There's also a handy dezoning tool located in the bulldozer category. Although it's a very rudimentary implementation, it will serve as a good start for future updates. In fact, there are several other "under the hood" changes that are preparations for zone demand, power, and water systems. Currently, buildings just spawn randomly within the zones without any needs fulfilled. However, expect this to change in the future! Below are some screenshots and GIFs (or are they JIFs?) of the progress we've made:


Overplacing Changes:
Here are a few short changes regarding overplacing items and buildings:

  • Roads can now be overplaced, making it easier to upgrade them.
  • Buildings shouldn't repeat the same variations while you're overplacing them.
  • Bug fix: Overplacing is now disabled for buildings that don't use the "isOverplaceable" flag.


To prepare for a future utilities update, we've added some wooden powerlines. They don't do anything yet, but they sure look nice, don't they? We're also working on other types of powerlines too. Join our discord server to see what we're working on!


Android Version:
The Android version of the game is working once again! However, the game is not yet optimized for the platform, so the controls might not work on your device yet.


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