DevBlog #14

Subcategories and UI Improvements:

To better organize Cytopia's hundreds of buildings, we've implemented subcategories! This will help keep things more organized, as well as allow us to reduce the screen clutter. In addition, we've also fixed a longstanding problem with our UI that resulted in some buildings in the UI being displayed off-screen. This has been resolved and you should now have every building at your disposal!

New Shorelines:
While working on the biomes and terrain generation improvements, we decided it would be a good time to start implementing shorelines. They're still a WIP, but they are coming along nicely!

Blueprint Mode:
A cool new blueprint mode has been added to the game. For now, it'll appear while placing pipes or other water-related items.

New Placement Modes:
Items like roads now have alternate placement modes that can be used by holding SHIFT or CTRL. These will allow you to place roads in straight lines or perfect corners, respectively.

Fresh Itch io Page:
I've updated our Itch io page with new images showing off the biomes, a new icon, a grassy background, and an orange and white theme to match the logo.

New Item Properties:
We've implemented various properties for buildings and other items that will make them more versatile. For examples, you can now designate buildings that can be placed on water and buildings that should be autotiled.
You can find a detailed description of the json properties in our Wiki

Bug Fixes:
The settings now correctly save after pressing OK and a bug with the line selection tool was fixed so it no longer continues from the last coordinate and draws a line from there when you pan the camera.

New Song:
A brand new song called Helsinki has been released for Cytopia's OST! Check it out using this link.


Linux Devel 60 MB
Version 0.2-CIBuild-2731.2 Apr 06, 2020
MacOS Devel 59 MB
Version 0.2-CIBuild-2731.3 Apr 06, 2020
Windows Devel 57 MB
Version 0.2-CIBuild-516 Apr 06, 2020

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